The Cruises

Swim where a few visitors have access! 

The cruise starts from Kolymbia and continues to Ladiko, Anthony Quinn, Traganou, Saint Paul, Agathi, Red Sand, Stegna and Tsambika In this order. Out of these, 4 beaches will be picked to have a stop where swimming will be allowed and enjoying relaxation sets in.


You can enjoy a shower on the boat after swimming

You can eat traditional Greek food

There are cold drinks (not included in the ticket price)

Sanitary Installations are of course included

The Beaches

Traganou or Traounou is a “Blue Flag” awarded beach for quality. It has small rocks and there is a natural cave in one side to explore. The water is clear and swimming is very enjoyable there.

This beautiful beach became popular by the movie "The Guns of Navarone", which has been shot there and starred the famous actor Anthony Quinn. It is a small beach with small rocks, cliffs and trees. The water is clear and its shape guarantees flat water almost anytime.

Ladiko is next to Anthony Quinn sharing the same beauty and clarity.

Tsambika is a large organized beach with gold sand. It is an amazing beach and ideal for children.

Stegna is a nice beach with sand and peddles. It is large and tourists love it.

Agathi beach has gained popularity recently. It has lovely gold sand and the water is always quiet. The road to access it is very bad and dirty, so the ideal way is via sea.

Red sand is one of the most beautiful beaches on the island. It is only accessible by boat as it is surrounded by dangerous cliffs.
Having pebbles, sand and clear green water, Saint Paul is amongst the most worth seeing beaches in the island. It is located next to Lindos beach and it is an ideal beach for weddings!

Lindos beach is one of the most famous in the island of Rhodes. Thousands of visitors select to swim in its blue green waters and walk along its gold sand. In addition, you can enjoy a perfect view of Lindos Acropolis.

The hours


The cruise starts at 10:00. By then, you should be present at the small port of Kolymbia.


Departure  10:00
Arrival 16:00

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